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Specially made for Nissan (chat us if you’re not sure the battery for your car)


100% Genuine Amaron GO and PRO DIN series batteries for your selection too👏👏
😍Starting from this year, at the same 2016 retail price, we are giving FREE extension of our standard warranty from 12 months to 18 months, with an additional discounted 18 months-warranty. You will enjoy a total of 36 months warranty coverage for Amaron battery👍
🤩If your car battery is damaged within the first 18 months, we will replace it with a new battery free-of-charge. If the battery is damaged in the next 19 to 36 months, we will provide you with a discount on the purchase of new Amaron batteries. Yes, that’s right! We will guarantee to renew your warranty for you again for 36 months!!!😎
📣Benefits on buying from us :
✅Amaron GO batteries are certified with manufacturing process certifications and complied with the world’s top automobile manufacturing specifications.
✅Patented with Silven-X ™ technology (silver inside), especially suitable for use in the hot climate of Malaysia.
✅Only through the official online registration will guarantee your battery is 100% certified by the original manufacturer in our warranty system.
✅Amaron GO is powerful enough to protect the internal electronic parts of the car.
✅The high-quality power receiving technology in the Amaron GO battery can ensure 100% battery power for a very long time.
✅The high-capacity Amaron GO battery can save gasoline and reduce the resistance of the alternator. This makes your driving more pleasurable.

*Amaron36™ Batteries are now within your reach throughout West Malaysia with the battery models below (T&C apply):


  • Amaron GO 38B20L (AH:35 with Weight: 10.2kg)
  • Amaron GO 46B24R (AH:45 with Weight: 12.1kg)
  • Amaron GO 46B24L  (AH:45 with Weight: 12.1kg)
  • Amaron GO 46B24RS  (AH:45 with Weight: 12.1kg)
  • Amaron GO 46B24LS  (AH:45 with Weight: 12.1kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 55 (AH:55 with Weight: 16kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 65  (AH:65 with Weight: 17.4kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 66  (AH:66 with Weight: 16.7kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 74  (AH:74 with Weight: 20.3kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 80 (AH:80 with Weight: 20kg)
  • Amaron PRO DIN 100  (AH:100 with Weight: 25.2kg)



You are welcome to download our exclusive Amaron36™ official mobile app after purchase and register yourself to entitle for 36months warranty privilege !!! It’s easy !!! No more paper receipts to be kept !!!

Delivery and installation (within Peninsular Malaysia only)

Terms and condition:

– Price included with TRADE IN USED BATTERY

– RM30 will be charged for installation and delivery without used battery trade-in.

– Warranty above is only valid for the Petrol engine only. Diesel is half of the warranty above


We will organize our authorized dealers in the whole of peninsular Malaysia to serve you within 48 hours.

Additional information

Car Model

AD Resort, Almera, Bluebird, C20, C22, Cefiro, Cherry, Cube, Elgrand, Fairlady 350Z, Fairlady 370Z, Fairlady 370Z Roadster, Frontier, Grand Livina, GT-R, Latio, Laurel, March, Maxima, Murano, Navara, Navara Single Cab, NV200, Sentra(N16), Serena, Serena S-Hybrid, Skyline, Stanza, Sunny, Slyphy 2005-2012, Slyphy 2012 Onwards, Teana, Terrano, Urvan NV350, X-Gear, X-Trail

Battery Model

Amaron GO 38B20L, Amaron GO 46B24R, Amaron GO 46B24L, Amaron GO 46B24RS, Amaron GO 46B24LS, Amaron GO 55D23L, Amaron GO 65D26R, Amaron GO 65D26L, Amaron GO 75D26R, Amaron GO 75D26L, Amaron GO 95D31R, Amaron GO 95D31L, Amaron Pro DIN 55L, Amaron Pro DIN 55R, Amaron Pro DIN 55LH, Amaron Pro DIN 65, Amaron Pro DIN 66, Amaron Pro DIN 74, Amaron Pro DIN 80, Amaron Pro DIN 100, Amaron EFB Q85/90D23L, Amaron EFB S95/105D26L, Amaron EFB T110/130D31L, Amaron EFB DIN74 EFB

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